Flyer printers in need of incentives to invest in green technology?

There need to be more incentives for firms to embrace green initiatives, according to an expert.

Companies need more help from the government if they are to invest in green technologies, a specialist has claimed.

Dan Ilett, editor in chief of, said there are not enough incentives for people or organisations to get on board with renewable energy initiatives.

As a result, this area has "hit a wall" and has not been able to grow as much as it should have, he explained.

The expert stated the coalition needs to do more to encourage people to buy from and invest in clean technology businesses, as well as help the companies providing these solutions.

Mr Ilett added the technology needed to make a difference is already available and therefore organisations ought to focus on this rather than looking at new solutions that have not yet been proven.

His comments follow a survey of UK businesses by Ernst and Young that found just 13 per cent of respondents believe the government will roll out the conditions necessary for the success of the clean tech sector this year.

Published: 28th January 2011

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