Flyers 'useful' for targeted marketing approach

Firms with limited marketing budgets may want to adopt a targeted approach using items such as flyers, according to one expert.

Businesses using direct marketing materials such as flyers and printed brochures may want to consider opting for a targeted approach to marketing.

According to Dennis Hunter, writing for the Times-Standard, targeted marketing - whereby firms only focus on certain groups - is preferable for those that have a limited budget to spend in promoting their products or services.

He urged enterprises to use demographics, such as gender, age or income, to help decide who they will be sending the printed brochures to, adding a company that divides its customer base into six different groups will be able to "determine what types of products and services will be needed by each of these consumer segments".

Mr Hunter added a direct mail campaign may be ideal for someone who has opened a home catering business, as flyers that only go to particular residents could be more effective than an advertisement in a newspaper.

Figures from the British Marketing Survey recently revealed the response rate for direct marketing rose to 22.4 per cent in the three months to the end of August.

Published: 13th September 2010

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