Business 'can take numerous approaches' to cutting carbon

Switching to a sustainable printer may be one way firms can bring down their carbon footprint, after Friends of the Earth urged businesses to take action on the issue.

There are a number of approaches business can take in order to help combat the growing problem of climate change, one charity has suggested.

Craig Bennett, director of policy and campaigns for Friends of the Earth, noted the issue has created "all kinds of challenges" for firms, but also a number of opportunities.

Those that are looking to bring down their carbon footprint may want to begin using a sustainable printer for their printing needs.

Mr Bennett urged firms to consider green issues when buying products or services but noted they do not have to implement widespread changes in order to make a difference, noting "eating less meat … doesn't necessarily mean going vegetarian".

However, some form of action is required soon, as he stated scientists have warned climate change is occurring faster than previously thought and "is going to have a more serious impact than originally predicted".

Earlier this month, the Adaptation Sub-Committee, which advises the government, revealed spring now arrives 11 days earlier than it did in the 1970s as a result of the changing climate.

Published: 21st September 2010

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