Business card printing 'is thriving'

Business cards remain a popular and useful marketing tool despite the introduction of networking apps, it has been suggested.

The items produced by business card printers are thriving in spite of the digital revolution, according to one writer.

Michael Rosenwald stated in the Washington Post companies such as Staples - the office supply chain - have experienced a surge in sales of business cards.

The items feel "more intimate and immediate" than the iPhone apps that have been developed to replace them, he continued.

Furthermore, Mr Rosenwald said it is "simple and cheap to print professional-looking cards" due to progressions in digital printing.

Peter Corbett, chief executive of iStrategyLabs - a US digital marketing company - added part of the cards' appeal lies in their visual nature.

Thus, if someone is unable to remember a person's name they may still be able to contact them if they recollect the colours on their card.

Mr Rosenwald's views support those of Mark Evans, who recently remarked in the Globe and Mail that business cards remain a "corporate fixture" in the digital age of the 21st century.

Published: 5th October 2010

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