Business card size and design 'is important'

One writer has urged companies to find a sensible balance when considering the size and thickness of their business cards.

Size and visual design are both factors companies need to consider when enlisting the services of business card printers.

This is the view of Tierney O'Hara, writing for Helium, who said getting the thickness and appearance of the cards right is key.

She explained enterprises should not "skimp on the quality of [their] business card by making it too thin" as cheap-looking items are unlikely to be effective marketing tools.

Conversely, Ms O'Hara also said they should not be too thick, as this may prevent them from fitting in wallets or business card holders and prompt recipients to throw them away as a result.

This is a frustration shared with career services consultant Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, who recently told Forbes she is frustrated with business cards that are the wrong shape for the plastic sleeves she uses to store them.

In terms of design, Ms O'Hara argued it is important to find a balance between a plain and fancy appearance, noting that while business cards featuring numerous colours and typefaces will be "inappropriate for most [firms]", a completely plain card is not very interesting to look at.

Published: 25th August 2010

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