Companies 'need to be careful' when sending designs to business card printers

Firms have been advised to give the layout of their business card serious consideration and ensure they do not use the items as a brochure.

Companies need to choose the words and images they use carefully when submitting a new design to be produced by their business card printing firm.

According to an article published on the Tribune website, they layout of business cards needs to be given serious consideration due to the limited space on offer.

The writer explained that while the items need to "display the same design and basic information" as the rest of a company's marketing materials, it is important to remember a business card "is not a brochure or catalogue".

Due to the limited space available, it is important to choose words and images "carefully", the author noted, adding "credibility and clarity" should be the focus when coming up with a business card design.

Tierney O'Hara recently stated in an article for Helium it is important to find a balance between the amount of white space on a business card and the range of information that is included.

Published: 31st August 2010

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