Firms 'should stock up' on business cards

Enterprises may want to heed the experience of Greg Peters of The Reluctant Networker, who once found himself without enough business cards at a networking event.

Companies may want to use the services of business card printers to ensure they have a plentiful stock of the items before heading to networking meetings.

In an article for, Greg Peters, founder of The Reluctant Networker, explained he once found himself without enough business cards when attending one such gathering.

"I don't usually carry a lot of business cards with me", Mr Peters stated, noting he rarely takes more than four or five to a given event, because he only gives them to individuals who ask for them.

However, a plentiful supply may be beneficial, as he noted he once had to borrow some blank cards and fill them in by hand when he attended a conference where those present were expected to pass a stack of their business cards around the table.

Dan Crowther, writing for Forbes, recently said individuals should treat their business cards as a "small brochure" and include plenty of information.

Published: 26th August 2010

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