Flyer printing to be targeted more narrowly?

Firms using flyer printing services may wish to clearly define their target audience, it has been suggested.

Businesses that use flyer printing services might benefit from targeting their promotional materials more narrowly, if suggestions from one individual are anything to go by.

In an article for Marketing Week, writer Russell Parsons referred to the advice of brand consultant Mark Ritson, who said firms should exclude all but the clearly-defined target consumer.

Mr Parsons stated defining the customer in this way is crucial to the financial justification of direct mail.

He suggested people should "be braver and exclude more people by welcoming opt-out services such as the Mailing Preference Service to ensure targeting continues to improve", which will also reduce waste and increase returns.

Furthermore, Mr Ritson remarked that while segmentation is important, "it is targeting that separates the men from the boys".

However, Nancy Scott recently noted in a piece for the Digital Nirvana Blog many companies are nervous about personalising direct mail because they feel safer sticking to what they know works from experience.

Published: 6th October 2010

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