Folded leaflet printing 'ought to prioritise green issues'

People are more likely to support charities with environmentally-friendly direct mail, a study has found.

Organisations that use the services of folded leaflet printers may wish to give more consideration to environmental issues following the results of a new survey.

According to Third Sector, research conducted by Onepost found 36 per cent of UK residents questioned said they are more likely to support charities that act in an eco-friendly manner.

A further 30 per cent stated there is a greater chance they would support a charity whose direct mail was sustainable.

Chris Norman, strategy director at communications consultancy The Good Agency, argued aid organisations have fallen behind private firms when it comes to incorporating environmental concerns into their strategies.

He suggested they cut down the volume of material in their direct mail packs - which could involve switching from booklets to folded leaflets - and use recycled logos.

Earlier this month, journalist Liz Barclay noted direct mail is an ideal tool for informing consumers about a company's green credentials.

Published: 23rd November 2010

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