Folded leaflet printing 'should be combined with other strategies'

Businesses are finding combining direct marketing, such as folded leaflet, with other channels is effective.

Folded leaflet printing ought to be combined with other promotional strategies in order to create a successful marketing campaign, it has been suggested.

InfoTrends has released a new study entitled Capturing the Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity, which concluded companies have reported reaching customers through multiple touch points is highly effective.

Research by the firm found the use of numerous media types can improve response rates by as much as 34 per cent in comparison to print-only campaigns, which could prompt organisations to combine direct mail materials such as folded leaflets with social media.

Many businesses are seeking service providers that can deliver their message through multiple channels, the review added.

And those that use folded leaflet printers may wish to incorporate quick response (QR) codes into their promotional materials, after the Monroe News stated John Patterson, director of the Monroe County Convention and Tourism Bureau, said QR codes are an easy way to send a specific message and he plans to use them on all of his printed advertising streams in the future.

Published: 10th November 2010

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