Folded leaflet printing 'should demonstrate green credentials'

Charities that use folded leaflet printing and other direct mail need to prioritise green issues, it has been said.

Direct marketing methods such as folded leaflet need to be as environmentally friendly as possible when used by charities, according to one expert.

Luan Wise, marketing manager at Onepost, said brand perception continues to be "a critical factor when it comes to donating".

She explained there are simple steps organisations can take to demonstrate their green credentials, such as using a recycle logo, as research shows consumers perceive this to be a sign of "an environmentally-friendly company with good business ethics".

Furthermore, Ms Wise advised people to include a short message on the reverse of the materials they send out detailing their environmental policies and the importance of direct mail in raising funds.

Charities should also think carefully about the use of cellophane and avoid it where possible, she added.

Her comments follow those made by journalist Liz Barclay, who noted leaflets and other direct mail materials are an effective way for companies to tell consumers about their sustainable practices.

Published: 1st December 2010

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