Leaflet printers 'should take a new approach to direct mail'

Leaflet printers may wish to heed the advice of one individual, who has suggested direct mail ought to be rebranded.

Leaflet printing firms ought to take on board new approaches to direct marketing and consider rebranding the channel, it has been suggested.

Mike Welsh, chief executive of Publicis Dialog, said in a piece for Marketing Week he is pleased to see there has been plenty of debate about direct mail recently.

Data, measurement and evaluation are becoming more highly prized, he noted, stating companies have historically only analysed easy variables, but the key thing is to find a way to quantify engagement.

Mr Welsh commented direct mail will not die out at the hands of digital marketing, because "the older target audience is a growing segment and they're people who still have some preference for the medium".

Furthermore, anyone who was born after the early 90s likes direct mail materials such as leaflets because they are "physical and tactile", he added.

The news source recently reported the latest annual Direct Marketing Association GAP tracking study found direct mail and email are consumer's preferred methods of being contacted by companies.

Published: 8th November 2010

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