Leaflet printers to 'incorporate sustainability into performance'?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to firms, it has been suggested, which may affect leaflet printers.

Sustainability looks set to become increasingly important for leaflet printing firms, if comments from one specialist are anything to go by.

Christopher Mines, senior vice president and research director at Forrester, said at the Green IT Expo's opening speech that sustainability "is a cross-industry and cross-geography phenomenon".

It is clear from the commitments companies are making that environmental practices are far more than a passing fad, he continued.

Rather than having a separate set of goals, "sustainability is being woven into the fabric of performance", Mr Mines explained.

He stated green issues involve every aspect of an organisation and are not just about reducing costs, but about being open to new markets, opportunities and customers.

"Sustainability is increasingly how the business operates and how the business measures its performance," Mr Mines added.

The Green IT Expo took place in London on November 9th and aimed to help senior IT and corporate decision makers identify new environmentally-friendly techniques.

Published: 11th November 2010

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