Leaflet printing 'is an unrivalled advertising opportunity'

Firms looking to improve their marketing strategy may wish to consider leaflet printing, it has been suggested.

Leaflet printing could provide companies with a means of enhancing their marketing strategy, if comments from one individual are anything to go by.

The author of an article on Online News Today stated leaflets and flyers offer an excellent promotional opening for firms.

They are a great means of "conveying a message in a colourful and eye-catching way", the writer continued.

Leaflets "provide an unrivalled advertising opportunity" and can be used to facilitate a variety of requirements, the contributor remarked.

The individual noted the materials can be used to offer customers special deals or invitations, as well as being a means of displaying information at exhibitions and trade shows.

But when used for any of these purposes, the key to ensuring flyers and leaflets are effective and create a good first impression is to use a good quality printer, the person added.

It was recently suggested leaflets may become more influential in the near future, after a spokeswoman for the Liberal Democrats said the medium is an effective way for the party to reach a wide audience.

Published: 4th November 2010

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