Misconceptions surround eco printing, says expert

Many print firms are needlessly concerned about costs associated with becoming more eco-friendly, it has been suggested.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the switch to eco printing, one leading industry figure has claimed.

Randy Davidson, president of print sector news organisation WhatTheyThink.com, said many printing companies do not have a clear idea about adopting an eco-friendly approach and are concerned about a financial outlay.

"There is often a misconception about transitioning to environmental sustainability … and that it costs money," Mr Davidson remarked.

He noted the opposite is often the case, as sustainable printing has the opportunity to save firms "thousands of dollars per year".

Expanding the range of environmentally-friendly initiatives used - for example by stepping up recycling and using eco-friendly lighting in buildings - boosts operations and gives printing companies an improved image, the expert noted.

Print Week recently noted Drytac Europe has launched Panda Print, a new eco-friendly material made from natural bamboo fibre that can be used for both indoor and outdoor print marketing campaigns.

Published: 14th September 2010

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