Printers may wish to introduce flexible working

Companies with flexible working schemes reap a number of benefits from doing so, it has been claimed.

Gill Trevelyan, head of good practice services at the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, said in today's 24/7 society, flexible working can have "far-reaching" advantages for employers and employees alike.

"Flexible patterns of work can help to meet customer needs, maximise the available labour and help employees achieve a better work-life balance," she argued.

Moreover, it can result in less absenteeism, greater staff engagement and productivity, as well as lower levels of stress, Ms Trevelyan stated.

She was remarking on a recent report from think tank Demos that concluded inflexible and emotionally-demanding jobs can undermine parenting confidence.

It found mothers and fathers in well-paid but stressful roles experience the same negative effects as those in low-skilled jobs, because of the lack of choice about long hours and the emotional demands of the workplace.

Published: 18th January 2011

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