Sustainable printers may be finding carbon reporting difficult

Many firms do not have the tools they need to report their carbon emissions, it has been claimed, which could affect sustainable printers.

Sustainable printing firms may be among the companies that are having difficulty reporting their carbon emissions in line with government guidelines.

John Lunt, managing director of Certero, said at the Green IT Expo a large number of organisations are not equipped with the processes or facilities needed for carbon reporting, because it is such a new issue.

Bosses have to account for their emissions on a district level and show what their carbon usage is for any activity they do and what they are saving, he explained.

"In a nutshell, this stuff is so new, their reporting mechanisms just aren't there, so people are doing it manually," Mr Lunt continued.

He was commenting on a recent study by Deloitte, which found very few UK businesses are close to complying with current state guidance on how to monitor their carbon footprint.

The firm suggested a significant overhaul of existing practices will be required if emission reports become mandatory.

Published: 10th November 2010

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