The Benefits of Flyer Printing

One expert has spoken of the benefits flyers can offer a business, but has urged them to give careful consideration to the design of the items.

Companies planning a new marketing campaign should "make room" for flyers, one expert has noted.

In a piece for Lon's Article Directory, Leah Delaney said the items are "a great way to advertise your business or company".

She urged business to give careful consideration to the design of the marketing materials, stating bold colours and an attention-grabbing headline are both crucial in making the flyer interesting for recipients.

"Create a unique design that holds the whole flyer template together," she remarked, adding businesses should seek feedback before they settle on a final design and use a flyer printing service to provide a small sample to see how the design looks on paper.

This is especially important, Ms Delaney argued, as it is possible a designer may overlook small details on a computer screen that become obvious when the completed flyer is in their hands.

Jason Hanson, writing for the Bigger Pockets blog, recently advised enterprises to link their flyer campaigns to upcoming events, such as Halloween.

Published: 1st October 2010

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