UK printers could benefit from new technology

New technology could help reduce costs for buyers and printers of materials like flyers, it has been suggested.

UK printers could increase their income by using new competitive procurement technology, it has been claimed.

William Gindlesperger wrote in an article for Business Review USA the software is particularly useful for the printing of direct mail, such as flyers.

The Automated Vendor Selection Technology builds a database of trusted printers and matches them to job specifications to ensure companies gain more work and income rather than losing revenue during quiet periods, he explained.

Mr Gindlesperger claimed firms that used the strategy consistently increased their bottom line annual profit from a US national average of less than three per cent to over 14 per cent.

It also has advantages for organisations have marketing materials printed because it gives them greater control and allows them to set their own rules, he added.

Recently, executive director of the Direct Marketing Association Chris Combemale commented on a new personal data store named the Mydex Community Prototype, which he remarked could have significant benefits for printers and their customers.

Published: 13th October 2010

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