Unique business cards 'can give firms the edge'

business cards that offer a degree of interactivity are one way of raising a company's profile, one expert has suggested.

Finding business card printers that can produce unique items can help companies stand out from their competitors.

This is according to Shannon Suetos, who said in an article published on Resource Nation unusual and innovative cards can make a difference in a time when business networking websites such as LinkedIn are growing in popularity.

Adding a degree of interaction is one way of making a card - and therefore a company - stick in the mind of its recipient and Ms Suetos explained it is "OK for your card to be a little playful, as long as it still retains professionalism".

Alternatively, firms can choose an alternative shape, as cards "do not have to be rectangular" in order to make a statement.

"If you're going to mix up your shape, do so with a purpose," she stated, noting items that look like they could be used as a drinks coaster may be one option to consider.

Image expert Lynne MacKay recently offered some advice for users of business cards, telling the Financial Post they should never be exchanged during dinners at networking events.

Published: 28th July 2010

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