November 2010 News Archive - Azimuth Print (page 6)

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Consumers 'prefer to be contacted by flyers'

Published: 4th November 2010 - Flyer Printing News

People would rather be contacted by direct mail - such as flyers - than social media channels, a new report has found.

'Brighter times ahead' for folded leaflet printers?

Published: 3rd November 2010 - Folded Leaflet Printing News

The future looks positive for direct mail - such as folded leaflet printing - it has been suggested.

Flyers 'should be linked to other communication channels'

Published: 3rd November 2010 - Flyer Printing News

Firms that use flyer printing should integrate this strategy with other communication channels, it has been claimed.

Leaflet printers to implement customer recycling services?

Published: 3rd November 2010 - Leaflet Printing News

The green practices used by one award-winning firm could inspire other leaflet printers to become more sustainable.

Printed folders may help reduce work-related stress

Published: 2nd November 2010 - Folder Printing News

People should use printed folders to organise their workspace and reduce stress, it has been suggested.

Leaflet printing 'is an important campaigning tool'

Published: 2nd November 2010 - Leaflet Printing News

The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are among those increasing their spend on direct mail, such as leaflet printing.

Printed business cards 'are vital branding tools'

Published: 1st November 2010 - Printed Stationery News

A well-designed printed business card can help convert leads into sales, it has been claimed.

Firms that use leaflet printing to become more sustainable?

Published: 1st November 2010 - Leaflet Printing News

Those that use the services of leaflet printers may wish to implement more eco-friendly practices, following recent comments.

Flyers 'help spread the word about a business'

Published: 1st November 2010 - Flyer Printing News

Individuals starting a new enterprise should consider flyer printing, it has been suggested.

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