Business card printing 'likely to remain popular'

It is unlikely business card printing will be replaced by a digital alternative in the near future, it has been claimed.

Business card printing is likely to continue to thrive over the next few years, it has been suggested.

In a piece for ReadWrite, John Titlow noted business cards remain a popular fixture at networking events and digital alternatives will not substitute the items "anytime soon".

He stated there are some applications that have the potential to be used alongside or instead of the stationery, but "nothing is close to completely replacing the business card".

An individual commenting on the article agreed with Mr Titlow, saying "there's nothing like the warm, personal touch of a card", while its blank reverse side is useful for adding notes.

Some of the alternative options the author discussed include ScanBizCards, an iPhone app that takes a picture of a card and stores its contact information, but he observed there is a barrier to this being widely adopted in that it can only be used on Apple's smartphone devices.

Recently, the Calgary Herald remarked business cards are a valuable way of connecting with new contacts.

Published: 5th November 2010

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