Business card printing 'useful for attracting new customers'

Firms looking to make new contacts may wish to use business cards printing, following suggestions from one individual.

Business cards could be helpful for companies that want to attract more business through networking, one expert has suggested.

In a piece for, marketing consultant Steve Billingham said networking is an excellent means of finding new clients and suppliers.

However, it is a long-term strategy so people should not expect any "quick wins" and must realise they will need to build up a rapport with others before gaining any direct return.

Prior to attending a networking event, individuals should ensure they have plenty of business cards, have some conversation starters in mind and rehearse a pitch that explains who they are and what their company does.

Furthermore, people should follow up new contacts they meet by email or telephone to acknowledge the meeting and possibly arrange to go for coffee or lunch together.

As well as being important for networking, business card printing is also a useful means of establishing a firm's brand, according to Matt Blanton of Printing Solutions.

Published: 22nd October 2010

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