Cheap flyers 'should be printed on recycled paper'

Small businesses can improve their green credentials by using recycled paper for flyers, it has been said.

Companies using flyers and other printed materials ought to produce them from recycled paper, it has been claimed.

Randall Davidson, lead project manager at Audio Transcription, gave the advice in a guest post for Marc Gunther's blog.

He stated there are a number of steps small businesses can take to become more environmentally friendly and printing all marketing materials such as flyers and pamphlets on recycled paper is one of them.

Furthermore, these materials ought to clearly indicate they are recyclable, Mr Davidson continued.

His other tips included holding meetings remotely over the internet rather than travelling unnecessarily, sending email instead of paper newsletters and buying marketing materials locally.

Mr Davidson added selling online "is a must both for your business and the environment", as it expands a firm's customer base and means fewer people will be driving to its store.

The comments come after Russell Parsons, writing for Marketing Week, remarked on the growing popularity of leaflets, which he believes is down to the increasing importance of data collection.

Published: 26th January 2011

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