Firms that use UK printers 'should offer multiple paths to response'

Companies that use UK printers to produce surveys should give customers a variety of ways to respond, according to one individual.

Businesses that produce surveys using UK printers need to ensure they offer consumers a variety of ways to respond, both online and offline.

That is the view of Heidi Tolliver-Nigro, who wrote on the Digital Nirvana blog this is a simple rule but one that is often overlooked.

She said firms are so fixated on encouraging customers to visit their websites that they forget there are other ways to respond to campaigns.

Companies that only offer people one means of answering their surveys will "lose prospects and customers that might have responded given another option", Ms Tolliver-Nigro explained.

She suggested giving individuals a variety of options such as tear-out cards, a telephone line and a website, as many older people do not feel comfortable sharing information online.

Ms Tolliver-Nigro's comments are in line with the opinion expressed by Elizabeth Glagowski in 1to1 magazine, who stated marketers need to combine online and offline strategies.

Published: 25th October 2010

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