Firms that use cheap flyer may wish to rebrand their logo

Starbucks has dropped its name from its logo, which could inspire others to do the same.

Companies that use cheap flyers could be prompted to reconsider their logos following news that Starbucks has dropped its name from the brand's emblem.

The firm has enlarged the green mermaid image and removed the Starbucks Coffee lettering from around it.

Chief executive Howard Schultz suggested the move is part of the organisation's plans to expand its product range by saying: "We've allowed [the siren] to come out of the circle in a way that I think gives us the freedom and flexibility to think beyond coffee."

According to Marketing Week, he added the new design is more appropriate for the company's future but still "embraces" its 40-year heritage.

While there are reports that angry coffee drinkers are protesting against the change, creative director David Roberts told the Financial Times releasing the name from the logo reveals Starbucks thinks itself to be in a strong branding position.

Companies that use the services of flyer printers may also wish to take marketing inspiration from John Lewis, which recently reported Christmas sales levels it described as outstanding.

Published: 6th January 2011

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