Firms that use flyer printing to benefit from new opt-out service?

Marketers that use the services of flyer printers could be affected by free data service Allow.

Companies that employ flyer printing as part of their marketing strategy may be set to benefit from a new opt-out data service.

Named Allow, the facility demonstrates the importance of information, stated Russell Parsons in a piece for Marketing Week.

The writer remarked data "is the silver bullet that can elevate a campaign's effectiveness by precision targeting" and is therefore vital to direct marketers.

Allow helps consumers opt-out of all data lists and sells their information to companies, splitting the profit with the customer.

Mr Parsons said it will be interesting to see whether the service is a success and if so, marketers will look upon statistics as even more valuable than they already do.

His remarks follow those made by Donald Robichaud of Floodlight Consulting, who noted timing and targeting are crucial to the effectiveness of promotional materials such as flyers and leaflets, as they need to be relevant to recipients if they are to be read.

Published: 30th November 2010

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