Firms using UK printers to target students 'need to know their market'

Companies using the services of UK printers to communicate with students may wish to reconsider their approach.

Brands that communicate with students via materials produced by UK printers might like to reconsider their approach in light of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), it has been suggested.

MaryLou Costa stated in an article for Marketing Week this group of consumers has been hit hard by the CSR's proposals to lift university fee caps, which will change many students' financial situations.

This may prompt brands to rethink how they market to university goers, or at the very least get to know this group better, she explained.

Ms Costa stated fewer people may be able to afford higher education in the future, so firms will be competing for a smaller pool of customers and will need to be more innovative in their approach.

Marketers could also find sustainable printing is a growing issue, as co-editor of Ethical Consumer magazine Dan Welch recently noted environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important for customers.

Published: 29th October 2010

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