Flyer printers may benefit from introducing flexible working

Flexible working improves staff wellbeing and stress levels, it has been claimed.

Flyer printers may wish to introduce flexible working to their business after it was claimed the practice is beneficial.

Dr Ken Beaumont, principal consultant and manager at Workforce Logistics, said it could make staff more productive and able to stay in employment for longer, as "people are happier if they can fit their work in with outside interests".

Legislation on the matter has previously focused on parents with young children, but it would be good if it was recognised that everyone has interests outside of work, he continued.

"Even very small changes are welcomed by employees," Dr Beaumont explained, noting allowing people to work more flexible hours would make a huge difference to stress levels and related issues.

He noted while current legislation allows certain classes of individuals to request flexible working, good employers will permit it where possible.

It comes after the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development stated all staff should be given the right to make such a request.

Published: 12th January 2011

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