Flyers and leaflets 'still have a role' in marketing

One expert has urged companies not to abandon multi-channel marketing strategies in favour of relying on one medium.

Businesses should continue to use direct marketing items such as flyers as part of their strategy to attract new customers,

This is the view of Richard Lees, chairman of marketing firmdbg, who was commenting for Marketing Week on the recent decisionby Ben & Jerry's to abandon its multi-channel marketingstrategy in favour of moving entirely to social media.

"Putting all your eggs in one basket simply isn't logical," he observed, noting the decision by the ice cream maker seems "very rash" to him, as numerous studies have suggested a marketing mix is the best approach to take,

He noted research from Marketing Experiments in the US, which showed firms that use both online marketing and offline strategies- like leaflet promotions - see performance increase 124 percent when compared to utilising just one marketing method.

Michelle Farabaugh of Multichannel Merchant recently urged firmsto publicise any promotions they are planning on running in thelead-up to the holiday season using items like flyers.

Published: 11th August 2010

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