Holiday season promotions 'need to be included on flyers'

Companies should use print marketing to keep consumers informed of upcoming promotional plans, one expert has suggested.

Businesses need to ensure they incorporate any promotional plansthey have for the upcoming holiday season into their printmarketing campaigns.

This is according to Michelle Farabaugh, writing for Multichannel Merchant, who explained firms that operate regular promotions in the lead up to Christmas should make sure these a publicised on flyers and other marketing materials.

"Not everyone will visit your website or open your emails," sheobserved.

Such a strategy is especially important for retailers that arelikely to have extra inventory to clear after Christmas, shestated.

Ms Farabaugh stated consumers "have been trained" to wait andtake advantage of later retailers, adding firms "need to workharder to drive those sales earlier in the season in addition tocapturing the late season sales.

Dean Rieck of Marketing Profs recently highlighted the importance of direct mail marketing such as flyers, noting they can help drive traffic and sales at websites.

Published: 6th August 2010

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