Innocent could use cheap flyers to market new product launches

Cheap flyers may be one marketing option Innocent wishes to consider.

Cheap flyers could soon come in handy for Innocent, as the food and drinks company has launched a £2.7 million advertising campaign.

According to Marketing Week, the brand will roll out a number of new products this year as it seeks to capitalise on Coca-Cola's 58 per cent investment.

Innocent is set to market its smoothies as a healthy alternative to snacking through television commercials, posters and digital advertising, while its vegetable pots will receive a promotional focus later in the year.

Thomas Delabriere said the business is "doing really well in the marketplace", despite being a premium brand, noting it has grown by 14 per cent on the previous 12 months.

"Exciting new innovations will hit the shelves later in the year," he added.

Elsewhere, Black Sheep Brewery may also be considering enlisting the help of flyer printers, as the Yorkshire Post recently reported the company is having its website redesigned as part of an online marketing project.

Published: 5th January 2011

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