Leaflet printing firms 'should promote sustainability'

Recycling messages and the use of sustainable paper should be encouraged by printing companies, it has been suggested.

Businesses that provide leaflet printing services should encourage their customers to include a message urging recipients to recycle the promotional material once they have finished reading it.

This is according to Sharla Neyland, writing on the Going Green blog at WhatTheyThink?, who explained doing so shows prospective customers the company has a positive approach to sustainability.

She also noted sustainable printing firms should push their customers to use recycled paper for their promotional items, stating: "It's more expensive, but it also gives your client a chance to let recipients know that an effort is being made."

In addition, Ms Neyland highlighted the importance of running a printed marketing campaign using accurate information.

Sending out thousands of flyers or leaflets can be a waste of time if the addresses used are taken from a database that is out of date, she observed.

MFRTech recently stated printing firms are increasingly using environmentally-friendly methods in response to demand from customers.

Published: 2nd August 2010

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