Leaflet printing 'needs to target the right consumers'

Firms ought to consider timing and targeting when using leaflet printing, according to one source.

Leaflet printing needs to be relevant to those who receive the material and used in conjunction with other methods in order to be effective, it has been claimed.

Donald Robichaud of Floodlight Consulting stated leaflets are an example of push marketing - the practice of promoting products to an audience - as opposed to pull marketing, which uses advertising strategies to entice people to buy goods, by offering a discount, for example.

He said both strategies are effective and ought to be integrated into a long-term marketing plan.

The key to successful leaflet advertising is to ensure it is relevant to recipients, so timing and targeting are important, Mr Robichaud continued.

He added it is useful to bear in mind that pull marketing allows firms to focus on developing their brand, while push marketing is more concerned with short-term results.

The expert's comments follow remarks made by Amie Peters of An Post, who argued direct mail "is the perfect tool to help drive a business back to profit".

Published: 25th November 2010

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