Logos for printed brochures 'must be designed carefully'

Companies have been advised not to fall into common traps when producing a logo for use on printed brochures.

Firms designing a new logo to go on their printed brochures need to make sure they avoid a number of common mistakes.

This is according to Leah Delaney in a piece published on Lon's Article Directory, who explained that while printed brochures can be an "integral part" of a company's marketing strategy, it can be easy to make errors that will reduce their effectiveness.

She noted many enterprises do not pay enough attention to the logo that will be featured on the promotional items, adding: "If your logo looks unprofessional, so does your business."

Designers should set their personal preferences aside when coming up with a logo and ensure they are not influenced too heavily by trends, as these will eventually "die down and go out of style", whereas an emblem needs to be timeless.

Similar advice was recently offered to enterprises designing flyers by David Flint and Valerie Surgenor, who said in an article on Mondaq.com firms need to ensure they do not breach advertising rules with "aggressive" campaigns.

Published: 15th September 2010

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