Moving to environmentally-friendly printers 'helps cut waste'

One expert has advised companies to carry out an audit of their printing infrastructure.

Businesses wanting to reduce their impact on the environment should consider switching to an environmentally-friendly printer, it has been suggested.

According to Michelle Price of Greener Computing, moving toequipment that is more energy-efficient is one way of cuttingunnecessary waste.

She advised firms to conduct a thorough audit of their printingoperations, taking into account both the infrastructure that iscurrently in place and the habits of the people using them.

"Study employee behaviors - such as triggers for printing,device preferences, and how supplies and equipment are recycled -and attitudes, such as whether they're concerned about theenvironmental impact of printing," Ms Price remarked.

Many offices currently use more printing devices than necessary,the expert stated, adding that there is a high probability manypieces of equipment are not being used to their full capacity.

Earlier this week, Jeremy Davies of analyst Context said many firms have made sustainable printing less of a priority in the current economic climate.

Published: 6th August 2010

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