Printed business cards 'reveal a lot about their owners'

People should hand out business cards in a polite way to create a good impression, according to one individual.

Printed business cards say a great deal about their owners both in terms of their content and the way they are presented.

That is according to one contributor writing on, who said the way Asian business people exchange the items make the recipients feel special.

They give a deep bow and extend the card respectfully towards the recipient, ensuring the printed side is facing them, the individual noted.

By contrast, most people in the writer's native Australia attempt to distribute cards as quickly and efficiently as possible at events.

This makes potential clients feel unimportant, but the issue is an often-neglected aspect of business etiquette, the person continued.

Similarly, marketing consultant Steve Billingham recently stated in an article for people should not expect any "quick wins" from networking and need to recognise they must build up a rapport with new contacts before gaining any direct return on business cards exchanges.

Published: 26th October 2010

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