QR codes to add value to flyers

One writer has given a favourable response to direct marketing containing a QR code that she recently received from a charity.

Businesses using flyers as part of their marketing strategy may wish to consider including quick response (QR) codes on the items following the favourable experience of one blogger.

Writing for the Digital Nirvana, Heidi Tolliver-Nigro explained she recently came across direct marketing from a charity that enabled her to view an appeal video on her smartphone.

Describing the QC code as "well-executed", Ms Tolliver-Nigro noted it was not overcrowded and had "nice clean white space around it", while the designer had used an arrow and a picture of a smartphone to explain how the code should be used.

She explained the well-thought-out promotion highlighted "the value of QR codes" for home-based direct mail, adding that the ability to view the content on a mobile device - rather than having to use a computer - means recipients are far more likely to make use of them.

The Vancouver Sun recently reported QR codes - which have been used in Japan for many years - are becoming more popular among marketers designing poster campaigns.

Published: 29th September 2010

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