Seven Steps to writing your book

Writing a book takes lots of hard work and time, but to publish it is lot easier thanks to Print on Demand at Azimuth Print.

1. Create a plan

The first step to writing a book is to create a plan for how you will do so. This is where many potential authors fail. They state their intention to write a book, but never sit down and create a plan for getting this done.

How often will you write? When will you write? Daily or weekly? How will you organise your day to weave in your writing? What will you do on the days you get stuck? Writing a book is like a business and every great business is started with a plan.

2. Plan the cover design

Plan your own cover design or hire a graphic designer, like us, before you write the book. The book cover makes the book real and it can motivate the writer not to fall behind on their plan.

3.a Write

Once you have a plan, start writing. Some writers can write a book in days, but do not worry, others write their books over many years. If you shut off your email, voicemail and contact from the world for a single day you even can write a book in a day.

A great way to write your book is through blogging. If you are blogging regularly, those articles could eventually be compiled into a complete book.

3.b Hire a ghostwriter

If you would like not to write all your own content, you can hire ghostwriters. You can find ghostwriters for hire on sites like or You put your job out for bid and let writers around the world make pitches.

Ask a potential ghostwriter for work samples and be sure you own the rights to the published work. Then work out a plan for sharing your story with the ghostwriter so that he or she can write your book for you.

4. Read

Once you have written your book, read it. As you read it, you will think of additional chapters, stories or lessons to share. Add them in before hiring an editor.

5. Edit

Do not edit your own book. Hire someone who will read the book, suggest edits, proofread and make it professional. Editors are not 100 per cent perfect, but in many cases, they will do a better job editing the book with fresh eyes than you ever could.

6. Publish

There are many publishing companies who can help you to publish your book, but if you just self publish you can keep 100% of the sales profits. If you print your book with us the final result will be stunning whether you choose one of our various styles of printed books including perfect bound books, wire bound books and hardback books.

7. Launch

Plan some fanfare around the launch of your book. A launch party is one option. Plan specials for your customers and employees so they get some incentive for ordering the book. Offer a complimentary speaking gig to organisations that order in bulk. Provide a free coaching call to those ordering copies in advance. Give people a reason to order.

Published: 9th June 2015

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