Staff 'need to be committed' to sustainable printing

Company bosses need to make sure all of their staff are on board with any effort to make the firm more environmentally-friendly.

Businesses hoping to adopt sustainable printing to reduce their impact on the environment need to make sure all personnel are committed to cutting their carbon output

This is the view of Peter Nowack, writing for the What They Think? Going Green blog, who has urged bosses to take a viral approach to convincing personnel.

"It's up to you to infect your staff with your vision. Not just a few folks, but everyone," he observed, adding it is not usually possible to "command" people to adopt a sustainable approach.

Mr Nowack also encouraged managers to measure waste before they start a programme to drive down carbon emissions, stating unnecessary electricity usage and the percentage of paper that is recycled should both be calculated so everyone can see how much progress is being made when techniques such as sustainable printing are introduced.

Michelle Price of Greener Computing recently advised enterprises to switch to sustainable printing equipment, noting it is more energy-efficient and can help cut waste.

Published: 12th August 2010

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