Sustainable buildings may become more important for flyer printers

Sustainability will become increasingly significant for commercial property landlords, it has been claimed.

Printers that lease commercial property could find sustainability issues affect them to a growing extent, if recent comments are anything to go by.

Ian Fletcher, director of policy at the British Property Federation, said occupiers are likely to view the sustainability of buildings as increasingly important in the future.

Environmental performance is beginning to be reflected in property valuations, he explained, noting as this becomes more commonplace, landlords will have to take account of it.

Mr Fletcher stated a large number of tenants, particularly bigger firms, will have stringent corporate social responsibility policies that need to be met.

They are therefore "going to be increasingly asking questions and driven to the buildings that help them to satisfy their policies," he remarked.

The expert's comments follow the publication of King Sturge's European Property Energy and Sustainability Report, which reported that controlling the cost of energy is imperative when a country's economy is recovering from a recession.

Published: 4th January 2011

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