Sustainable leaflet printing may be more appealing to consumers

Leaflet printers may wish to adopt more green practices, after it was suggested the environment is of high importance to consumers.

Leaflet printing companies may wish to improve their green credentials, after one expert stated environmental concerns are of growing significance to customers.

Nigel Berman, founder of, argued it could be said that sustainability is of "paramount importance" to people when they make purchases.

The energy-saving message has received a great deal of advertising and media attention, which has led to people taking notice of environmental issues, he continued.

Even though some may be primarily concerned with reducing the cost of their bills, they are still aware that this has a wider impact, Mr Berman noted.

He added people are prepared to spend money to save money and they want to make "feel good" purchases that have a positive effect on the environment.

Earlier this week, Chris Norman of The Good Agency urged organisations to cut down on the volume of material in their direct mail to promote a green image.

Published: 26th November 2010

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