Sustainable printing 'is not just for large firms'

Small companies and freelancers have a part to play in sustainable printing, according to one writer.

Sustainable printing is not only the domain of large companies, it has been suggested.

In a piece for the Going Green blog on WhatTheyThink, Richard Romano stated small firms and freelancers may have greater time and money restraints, but they still have a role to play in eco-friendly printing.

If organisations make a few small changes and build on this gradually, they can help the industry as a whole to become more sustainable, he explained.

The more knowledgeable emergent businesses and designers are in environmental issues, the better they can serve as "an educational resource" for their clients and colleagues, which improves their value "as a service provider", Mr Romano continued.

Even if firms are unable to invest heavily in sustainable printing practices and equipment, they will still benefit from understanding the impact environmental considerations have on their business, he added.

Dan Welch, co-editor of Ethical Consumer magazine, recently said sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue for consumers.

Published: 27th October 2010

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