Sustainable printing may improve energy efficiency

Firms looking to reduce their carbon footprint may wish to swap to a sustainable printing firm.

Businesses that want to become more energy efficient might benefit from using more sustainable printing services.

According to Peter Nowack in a piece for WhatTheyThink, firms need to assess their current carbon footprint before they can begin to implement eco-friendly changes.

"You can't know how green you are unless you take a comprehensive look around," he remarked.

Mr Nowack advised bosses to "measure everything", including their paper and other solid waste, as well as their energy, water and thermal consumption.

Afterwards, individuals need to compare this calculation to their environmental performances in previous years, as well as that of their competitors, he said.

Mr Nowack recommended using the Green Guide for Graphic Communications to make the assessment.

And companies may find that switching to a more sustainable printer could save them money and help reduce their waste, particularly after Sir Philip Green's recent Efficiency Review into government spending found the state is paying far too much for printing jobs and stationary.

Published: 14th October 2010

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