Those investing in green practices could use sustainable printing

Sustainable printing may be worth consideration by firms responding to growing consumer interest in environmental issues.

Sustainable printing may be one option worth considering for companies that are looking to invest in environmentally-friendly practices.

According to Mark Robertson, a spokesman for the Ethical Investment Research Service, there is growing consumer interest in issues such as climate change, human rights and fair trade.

And this is driving firms to spend more on green and ethical practices, he explained.

"Increasingly, ethical issues are becoming financial issues with the potential to effect shareholder value, especially in the longer term," Mr Robertson continued.

More and more people are realising there is money to be made in investing in green areas such as recycling, as well as the chance to make a difference, he stated.

However, Mr Robertson noted some advisers are failing to recognise the opportunities that environmental practices offer for expanding organisations and raising their professional profile.

His comments follow research from the Association of Independent Financial Advisors, which found 80 per cent of financial advisors consult on green and ethical investments.

Published: 20th October 2010

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