Those that use cheap flyer printers may wish to take CRM-led approach

Nissan's latest campaign could prove inspirational for marketers who use cheap flyers.

Companies using flyers may wish to take inspiration from Nissan and implement a more customer relationship management (CRM)-led approach.

Marketing Week reports the car manufacturer is using this technique to launch its latest models in order to enhance its levels of consumer emotional engagement.

Yasmin Al Jeboury, CRM project manager at Nissan, explained the approach is being tested with the company's Micra launch.

"The insight and learnings from how we approached it can be applied to other brands," she said.

Ms Al Jeboury stated the move comes after research by the brand found Micra's core customers develop a close relationship with their car and this has allowed the firm to reject more conventional approaches.

Another company bringing in new promotional techniques is Shredded Wheat - Marketing Magazine recently reported the cereal is moving away from promoting its health benefits in a bid to target a younger demographic.

Published: 13th January 2011

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