Tips for cutting costs with direct mail postcard printing

The most important step in reducing the cost is a little planning – choosing the right marketing message and target audience will mean your postcards get a greater response rate.

Avoid expensive designs

Instead of hiring a professional designer, create your own postcards with our free Online Design Studio. One option is to use pre-designed postcard templates that you can customise or you can use our blank templates.

Use standard postcard shapes

Another point to consider is that the post office may charge you more for non-standard shapes, such as a large format or rounded postcard. Often, there is a chance your odd-shaped postcards can cause their sorting machines to jam, meaning they have to use manual labour to sort the cards. Better to stick with standard shapes.

Print and mail in bulk

When you print just a few postcards at a time, you are spending a much higher cost per postcard. Order as many postcards as you need all at once; keep in mind that the more you print, the less your cost per piece is.

Use both sides

Use the front of the card to get attention and the back of the postcards for details and a call to action. Beside, a single-sided postcard just looks cheap and you don’t want to give potential customers this impression.

Published: 30th July 2015

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