Users of business card printers 'should keep spares'

Those that use the services of business card printers may wish to have extra copies produced so they are always prepared.

Firms that use the services of business card printers may find it useful to have additional copies made, following suggestions from one writer.

In an article for, Greg Peters stated he always keeps a spare set of cards in his wallet when attending networking events in case he runs out of the items.

He noted this is also helpful when he is asked for his card in a location he would not expect to need it.

Mr Peters was remarking on the materials that business people need to take to networking events and cards were at the top of his list.

In addition, he proposed individuals bring a business card holder to organise the items they receive, a pen and a notebook, which is useful for making notes that cannot be fitted on the back of cards.

Recently, Matt Blanton of Printing Solutions commented on the importance of the items for establishing and maintaining a company's brand.

Published: 21st October 2010

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