Birmingham police to use flyer printers for awareness drive?

Police in Birmingham are using flyers in a scheme that aims to cut crime in Soho.

Flyer printers could be used by police officers in Birmingham, who have launched a new scheme in partnership with the Ladywood Local Delivery Group to help cut burglary in the Soho area of the city.

The force has combined with the fire service to produce a double-sided leaflet that offers advice on both crime prevention and how to reduce a risk of fire over the Christmas and new year period.

It will be distributed alongside pens to be used for labelling valuables with personal details, as well as window alarms and personal attack alarms.

Inspector Lloyd Davies said the scheme "is the latest part of our drive to beat the burglar".

"We want the community to get involved and hope that people can share the advice" he added.

Cheap flyers may also be employed by Sunderland police, who have started an initiative to try and prevent the theft of bikes over the festive period.

Published: 13th December 2010

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