Cheap flyers 'help build a business community'

Enlisting the services of flyer printers is one way to market a business, it has been claimed.

Distributing cheap flyers is one effective advertising method for those who have set up a co-working space, according to an individual.

Writing for Mashable, Sarah Kessler said sharing an office with other start-up businesses is a means of saving on rent costs.

Those who have just set up such spaces are not likely to have the funds to advertise using billboards and television commercials, but luckily most co-working companies do not need that type of marketing to succeed, she explained.

Ms Kessler stated handing out flyers at local cafes and word of mouth are enough to "steadily build a community".

She also suggested holding workshops on a specific topic of interest, as this will enable like-minded professionals to "meet and form natural relationships".

And cheap flyers are also useful for promoting festive events, according to Minuteman Press, which recently reported printing firms in Wrexham have been used to produce materials enticing shoppers to visit the town centre.

Published: 14th December 2010

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